Thursday, January 29, 2004

Ann-Marie MacDonald

"There's certain really basic things. What I strive for is a combination of engaging people narratively. People will go to pretty unusual places with you. People will leave their own world view or expand their world view or go down roads they might not normally choose to. They might normally say "you couldn't get me down that if you dragged me." But if you invite people skillfully and honestly into a story and engage their sympathies and their interest you can get them to take some incredible journeys."

"The problem is getting the privacy within your own head because once you[base ']ve exploded something and gone public you have all the voices and the noise of the world follow you into your office and it takes longer to turn that all down, to make it go away and find that private place where the imagination lives."(University of Saskatchewan The Sheaf | Ann-Marie and me scroll down | Jeremy Warren)

:: note :: . . . first encountered as an actor and then as a playwright of the brilliant and witty Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) . . . a theater student who just kept on writing . . . but the real motive for linking lies in the interview memory and the writing in a school newspaper . . . remembering my first attempt as a journalist . . . a high school self styled revolutionary . . . the sixities . . . a dingy, dark hovel of a cafe house in the Farnum Block . . . experimental theater from Chicago performing a Sam Shepherd piece . . . they had never been interviewed & I had never interviewed . . . ended up in the school newspaper . . . the writing was forgotton . . . the theater never lost its hold . . . a petty journalist student who never quit acting . . .

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