Wednesday, January 14, 2004

"Aristotle defined the parts of drama in a significant order. He specified: PLOT, CHARACTER, LANGUAGE, THOUGHT, THE VISUAL, MUSIC. Plot is first. Well is it plot? It is the vexed word MUTHOS: vexed because it is one of those portmanteau Greek words which means a multitude of things - story, narrative, myth, theme, comunication of an emotionally charged representation of men acting or being acted upon and experiencing as a consequence success or defeat."

"Characters enact plot and communicate it. And they do so by the use of dramatic language (words, thought, visuals, music). These means of expression are what I define as form. But since the beginning and end of theatre is the plot, the form functions primarily as narrative."(Peter Hall. Exposed by the Mask. 15)

:: note :: . . . hmmm . . . those damned Greeks . . . still each moment the question "What's the story?" and "What do you see?" accompany most Play . . . still more the story embraces communication of myth&transformation . . .