Friday, January 02, 2004

Short Memo

The true significance of reading is not to repeat the thoughts of others but to gain thoughtful questions.

The world is not an object for contemplation but a subject for practice.

That the bird struggles desperately writhing to fly is far more respectful then the idle domestic duck.

The human's capacity to adopt is a cradle of happiness but at the same time a grave of challenge.

Endurance is usually the coward's own choice.

From a distance one is afraid and revolves around a conflict but facing directly head-on and wrestling with the conflict fear is forgotten replaced with a creative joy.

Today the artist needs a bold coup d'etat. A clear separation from commercialism.

No matter whether the artist has protective benefactors or demanding sponsors they must not be slaves to consumers and the separation comes as a group and not as individuals.

The arts could clear itself of the ancient accusation of being a tool of pleasure by joining the historical flow of the people's conscience.

- by Shin Yong-bok
- transliteration by Ae Ran Jeong (Friday, January 2, 2004)