Monday, January 12, 2004

""Escapism" has a somewhat negative meaning in our society and perhaps in all societies. It suggests an inability to face facts[~]the real world. . ."

". . .Significantly, only humans have culture. By culture I mean not just certain acquired habits, the manufacture and use of certain tools, but a whole world of thought and belief, habits and customs, skills and artifacts. Culture is more closely linked to the human tendency not to face facts, our ability to escape by one means or another, than we are accustomed to believe. Indeed, I should like to add another definition of what it is to be human to the many that already exist: A human being is an animal who is congenitally indisposed to accept reality as it is. Humans not only submit and adapt, as all animals do; they transform in accordance with a preconceived plan. That is, before transforming, they do something extraordinary, namely, "see" what is not there. Seeing what is not there lies at the foundation of all human culture."(Escapism by Yi-Fu Tuan | excerpt from EARTH | Nature and Culture )

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