Saturday, July 02, 2005

"The photograph defines the space between image and object, between imagination and reality, between now and then, between space and time, between truth and fiction, language and silence and indeed between life and death. This is indeterminable, abstract space, the space of metaphor. If we remember that when we see photographs we are seeing metaphors, we regard them far more critically than we would as if they remained 'images'. News, documentary, advertising and other photographs in the public domain become exposed as a metaphor for our collective memory, which raises concerns about the potential for a subtle epidemic of viral mnemonics. We would sooner believe a photograph than we would a coin. "(new dentist|The Matter of Life and Death |Part 1: Metaphors and Memory By Ashley Whamond )

:: note :: . . . image as metaphor . . . image as memory . . . the conflict between memory & metaphor . . . whenever attempting to record with a camera not only is the moment altered but what is being recorded . . . how to see . . . what to look for . . .

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Berta said...

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