Tuesday, November 09, 2004

"Known for dark themes, mythological literary devices and, at times, controversial poetry, Gluck said her writing process is often the result of contemplating a phrase's meaning."

" 'I usually start with a piece of a sentence or pair of lines, and a poem arises out of an attempt to locate the context of why the phrase has resonance in my head,' Gluck said."

"Gluck said "Averno" is the small crater lake in southern Italy which, according to Roman mythology, is the entrance to hell."

" 'It's a book about one's relation to earth," Gluck said. "That combined sense of awe and the sense of self as hostage to Earth and time.' "(yaledaileyneews.com | Gluck waxes poetic on work | via Literary Saloon)

:: note :: . . . an actor contemplates an action's meaning - to locate the imaginative sense of the act and its resonance in the body . . . then generate an energy field within the space . . .