Saturday, August 28, 2004

"Temple Concert"

8 pm

August 27 2004

Duane Dorgan (drums)

Ray Stephanson (keyboards)

      special guest: Melodie Stephanson * (voice)

1. Fuji Vu Yu


      (Three views from the mountain top.)

2. Art Auction Music Medley for a Deaf Audience

    (Abdullah Ibrahim, Stephanson

      (Nobody listens except the musicians.)

3. Blue Joy


      (One who makes you happy.)

4. Truth About Ruth


      (The child cannot turn away from the mother's song, simple truth.)

5. Ryan's Mud Hut


      (Nephew Ryan rocks: in his village, his heart at the center solid)

6. Brasil Boogie


      (Steamy eros at the Amazon.)

7. Killer Oasis *

    Stephanson, Dorgan

      (Thirsty camel funk. Killer dry hot. Sand and fiber.)

8. Slow Like Honey *

    Fiona Apple

      (Bittersweet dream.)

9. Hawg for Ya *

    Otis Redding

      (Snortin' blues)

10. Metatango


      (A dance, dark night, hondo or deep song.)

11. Rooster Ramon


      (The cock-a-doodle-do rag.)

12. Font Faja


      (From deep in volcanoes at batet, garrotxa)

- - Encore - -

13. Hymn for My Fathers


:: note :: . . . close to a hundred people were visited by the music gods . . . pure joy was in the hearts and lips of all . . . to the audience many thanks for your generosity . . . to the musicians . . . we journeyed to the place at the center of the earth and it was good . . . it is astounding how these compositions catalyze such complex experiences . . .