Monday, December 15, 2003

"The most innovative example of the form -- so far, at least -- was ''The Angel Project,'' by Deborah Warner, which came to New York as part of the Lincoln Center Festival in July. Ticket holders arrived at a precise, prearranged time at the tramway stop on Roosevelt Island. After a few solitary minutes, a golf cart drove up and carried each one away to the abandoned, vine-covered tuberculosis hospital at the south end of the island. From there, one by one, audience members were sent off on a silent journey through the city, with no guide except an enigmatic 15-page book of directions. The two-hour trip concluded on the 63rd floor of the Chrysler Building, where wind whipped through the open windows and actors wearing battered wings sat staring out at the city below, occasionally turning to make eye contact with audience members -- whose reactions ranged from delight to disgust to tears."(NYTimes | Magazine | Theater for One)