Monday, June 23, 2003

". . . he watched nearly every interview ever done with him - and was disappointed by what he found. "There's nothing in them about spontaneity as the secret of life, nothing about the protective qualities of art," he says. 'So that's what I decided to look at in the film. Let's give the public the Fellini that we don't know..." Fellini ruminates about everything from religion and death to art and memory. He discusses the process of filmmaking: "The instant when I begin to work- when I become a filmmaker - someone takes over. A mysterious invader, an invader that I don't know... He directs everything for me. But it's someone else, not me, with whom I coexist, someone I don't know, or know only by hearsay." And he offers this fabulist little anti sound bite, from which Pettigrew takes his title: "I'm a born liar. For me the things that are most real are invented."(NEWSWEEK INTERNATIONAL: Directing the Director /A documentarian looks at Fellini's life, art and lies By Michael J. Agovino)

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:: comment :: . . . though have seen most Fellini films the two which branded the memory were La Strada & I clowns . . . the depth of the images and the fabulist archetypes fascinated . . . in retrospect they foreshadowed my interest in performance . . . as a student in Europe (without television) could purchase a cheap seat (front seats less expensive). . . the neck strained awkwardly back&up . . . the ear struggling to make sense of languages not understood . . . weekends watching european classics from a north american sensibility . . . good visual training . . . never lost the desire to trust watching with instinct . . .

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