Saturday, April 19, 2003

Memories of Teachers

"When I think about my memories of teachers, what I remember most about most of them was their passion, not the specifics of the curriculum they taught.

They cared. They did their best to make me care. They did their best to communicate a sense of wonder at the scale of it all. It wasn't just those in the humanities that pursued that strategy - during my brief foray into the Geology department, the same thing was true there. That sense of wonder can live in the sciences too. For me, that's what a real education is about - not creating malleability, but impressing the sense that we live in a world filled with wonder, with mystery - not predigested facts."- (Jeff Ward. this PublicAddress)

:: comment :: . . . Yes !!! . . . a student speaking candidly stated that seldom were answers learned during that fist year class but an awesome array of questions which have continued for four years presented themselves . . . that sustained and nurtured the drive to pursue knowledge . . . with a passion & precision . . . reaching deeper into the mystery . . . to all learners (students&educators) blessings . . .