Monday, April 07, 2003

Songs of Gods, Songs of Humans

; 2:02:46 AM: I was raised
by an elder sister,
and we lived
on and on.
This is how
she raised me
in a little grass hunt,
and we lived on.
During this time
sounds of some gods fighting
could be heard rumbling
throughout the land.
Many gods dying,
countless gods dying
continued to rumble
Now finally
I grew somewhat older,
and these sounds
began to make themselves heard:
atop our grass hut
spirits of the yankur
from time to time
would come rumbling.
Going out to meet them,
my own companion spirits
would send forth their rumblings
atop the grass hut.
Gods of the same family,
they would prolong
their rumblings together.
What could be the reason for this,
I wondered.
I spoke
these words:

"My elder sister,
you who have
raised me will,
tell me, I pray,
the story!"
thus did I speak.

She appeared
to be awe-stricken
to an extreme.
Her forehead
quaked with fear.
Many sparkling teardrops
did she shed.
After a while
this is what she said:

"I would have told you
after you were a little older.
even if you killed me,
my heart would have been content
even after death.
since you wish to hear it,
I will tell you,
but it would be dangerous
for a mere boy to act rashly
when hearing a story.
Do not act rashly!
This is the story
I have to tell you."

(Songs of Gods, Songs of Humans - Donald L. Philippi)