Wednesday, April 23, 2003


. . . The phrase "entertaining ideas" suggests that ideas have a life and desire of their own. The word "entertain" originally meant "to hold in the house." . . . ideas can be entertained by being given a place, listened to, and nurtured as our guests. Entertain also means "to hold in between." Ideas themselves are between existence and meaning. The abstract idea or "spirit" finds its place or home - its "matter" - in the concrete world through ideas, while at the same time the concrete world realizes its dynamic source or meaning - its spirit - through ideas. Existence and meaning, the material and the spiritual come thogether or coconstitute each other in the idea (Davidson 1985, 64-65)

. . . The word "idea" has its root in the Greek eidos, which refers to "that which can be seen," from which comes the Latin video, "to see." So ideas are like videos that can be imaginatively seen as they infulence us. We are always characters in one video or another! . . . What is healed when we entertain ideas? For the Greeks, eidos brought together the spiritual and the material, mind and matter, the unseen and the seen. . . For the Greeks "seeing" was the action involved in perceiving the eidolons, the particles that make up events whether materially present as a thing or spiritually present as a god. We now call this "imagination" . . . (Ronald Schenk. DarkLight, 1-2)

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