Sunday, March 16, 2003

Three Seasons song

The song of the women of the floating market of my childhood. I had forgotten my youth - the only time I was pure and whole until I heard your song.

Can anyone ever know How many stalks are in a rice field? How many bends are in a river? How many layers are in a monsoon cloud? Can anyone sweep the leaves of a forest? And tell the wind to shake the trees no more? How many leaves must a silkworm eat to make a dress of colours from the past? How much rain must fall from the sky before the ocean overflows with tears? How many years must the moon age before it is old? In the middle of the night, the moon comes and waits nearby. He can steal my heart. I will forever sing joyful songs.

(from the film Three Seasons) Vietnamese Songs Composer Vy Nhat Tao Script Translator Nguyen Lang

:: comment :: . . . apologies to any transposing mistakes or citation . . . have simply copied the subtitles . . .