Thursday, March 27, 2003

define theater

" . . .theater is not just another genre, one among many. It is the only genre in which, today and every day, now and always, living beings address and speak to other human beings. Because of that, theater is more than just the performance of stories and tales. It is a place for human encounter, a space for authentic human existence, above all the kind of existence that transcends itself in order to give an account of the world and of itself.

It is a place of living, specific, inimitable conversation about society and its tragedies, about people, their love, anger and hatred. Theater is a point at which the intellectual and spiritual life of the human community crystallizes. It is a space in which it can exercise its freedom and come to understanding." (wish more was available)
- Vaclav Havel International Theater Institute World Theater Day 1994

". . . The theatre is one of humanity's great inventions, equal to the discovery of the wheel and the taming of fire" - Tankred Dorst

"This is why we believe more in the importance of listening closely to the words of actors in the theatre than to speeches made by politicians and scholarly theoreticians. We hope in this way to see the tragic situation of the twentieth century transformed in such away as to enable the twenty-first century to fulfil its true potential - to see a world that has become inhuman evolve into one that is more altruistic and generous."(more . . .)
- JEONG OK KIM a new site launches today -