Friday, March 21, 2003

Anti-War Performance

. . . last week the Grade 11/12 Drama class felt so much anger towards the coming war but also felt a sense of futility . . . no one listens to us . . . they decided to create a piece that would somehow express their feelings . . .

they presented their performanace last night to their peers and family at the Share Lent/Share the Arts benefit for world peace & development . . . the script is the skeletal body . . . what can't be communicated is the spirit . . .
they spoke & were listened to & they light a candle in the darkness . . .

ANTI - WAR PERFORMANCE / Drama 20 & 30
Scene 1: Order to Chaos Mask Dance/Glow in the Dark Masks/Shirts Reading NO WAR! Two equal lines: crossing two groups at a time three groups at a time revolving diagonal running pace increasing with each pass into full energy/ start slow.


Scene 2: Poses Projections & News Report of 9/11 Four Groups:each group has 4 poses. Soldiers/Victims/Horror/Battle . . . Followed by slow motion movement to places on the stage.


Scene 3: Voice Calling Out 1. Peace keeping 2. System 3. Fear of the unknown 4. Destruction 5. Tyranny 6. Ignorance 7. Sadness 8. Pain 9. Anger 10. All is fair in love and War 11. Destruction 12. Suffering 13. Mistake, mistake, mistake, mistake, mistake . . .


Scene 4: The Box Scenes The Newspaper/ Jordan: war fanatic, totally into war Sarah: totally upset - her brother has been killed in action Sarah: tries to console, reads the newspaper, is cynical US involvement and is critical about so-called war in the name of peace. Leah: "Do you believe that! It's all propoganda - " The Gun/ Alanna: a para-military freak protecting the park from terrorists. Brad: a non-violent activist has never handled a gun & leaves the gun on the box. Kaylee-Jo: an innocent little girl who discovers the gun and doesn't realize the danger. Kevin: police officer disarms the little girl: "What is the world coming to!" The White Powder/ Bryan: a normal dude drinking a Starbucks coffee needs more sugar and leaves a bunch of sugar on the box Josh: a biology freak who diagnoses substance as Anthrax "Oh my - Anthrax! I've got to call 911 - no the disease control - no the ministry of defense - they'll want my name - I've already touched it - I'm contaminated they'll quarantine me. (Spots dealer) Stay back it's anthrax!" Ariik: "Hey that's my stuff. Wasn't I supposed to meet you here? You trying to rip me off - put the stuff away man - get out of here you trying to ge us arrested - take off -" Little girl: "What's this? Taste and hmmm. . ." Mother enters : "How many times have I told you not to touch or pick up things off the ground - you will get sick - why don't you ever listen to me." Bryan: returns with his coffee oblivious to all that has happened - Iraq/ Individual stands on box looking towards the sky/Air Raid Siren jumps under the box Soldier: wants to take him as prisoner (victim doesn't understand) threatens - gets called away. Red Cross Worker attempts to help 'victim' however he doesn't understand & is frightened by any foreign person Voices of Children crying out for parents


Monument created from masks and candles lit surrounding "the dead" Politician emerges from crowd and prepares to make announcement of war The voice of conscience (good and evil) vie for attention. The politician announces war ending with the statement god save our souls. Candles extinguished

Final Statement "It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness" - Mother Teresa (via Bb)