Monday, February 17, 2014


... went to a play last night   not too unusual   this past month   The Cherry Orchard   Ignorance   Our Town    will probably go to three more this upcoming month   try to go without expectation   been often disappointed   take the attitude  "not looking forward to this, really don't want to go but it's good to get out and do my duty, be responsible and see things" ... 

... this last one Love/Stories (or, But You Will Get Used To It) 
Playwright Itamar Moses looks behind the curtain of contemporary romance in Love/Stories    yes felt like a lot about grief     a pedagogical lesson on theater [meta]drama[post-modern]conventions  intellect/emotion

... reading Red Doc > the next night & found this in Margaret Christakos: Slay it Again, Anne which captured the experience 

Carson, through all of her work, writes about love as the atomic leveler of the self. Love is shit that smears us in its radiant nakedness; it can’t really be survived. Yet, humans love. How’s that for tragedy. I really get this about Carson. To emerge from love is to emerge stripped and trussed. That doesn’t mean you didn’t enjoy yourself. No. To enjoy yourself that much is to be displaced, to appallingly suffer in its aftermath, when it’s over.

... the excellent cast after thousands of clever words    & silence
 burns the image:the finality of a head turning to see the other who is looking away & seems will never look back to blackout ...

::Note:: ... self referentially why do i go to theater / to see the playing i don't know / solely / well yes to be in a place where another's complete act of creative imagination reaches out into an opening of shared mystery / the medium is the message / yes the face to face of theater is the medium & the message is selfless / what / the untellable action reveals activates a transformation / you go to theater that fourth-wall, aloof, scripted, unresponsive, audience-ignoring stuff, lights fade up fade down, move pieces of furniture around for that /  [silence]   Yes