Thursday, January 03, 2013


Fundamentals of Movement II: An actors movement training.

Investigating an actors training through a rigorous confrontation with movement on the body, movement in space and movement as encounter.

 Aspects of inquiry:

- Centering, grounding, body mapping, rhythm and flow
- Space awareness devoted to: taking care and reacting to the space, spatial  balancing, creating partnership with the space
- Plastiques and Corporals. 
(Jerzy Grotowski and the Teatr Laboratorium)                                    
- Mask in movement.
- Relaxation, flexibility, discipline, spontaneity.
- Attention and connection.
- Working with the dreaming body.
- Associations and impulses.
- Gesture. (Michael Chekov)
- Energy, lightness and precision.
- Creation of a movement score: its logic and actions.
- Methodologies: theory and performance praxis.  
- Dancingness, Aliveness, Encounter.

Participation / 40

Projects / 60

1. Individual / 20
Keep a detailed journal/log of class experiences. The log will include a Research Section.

2. Individual Mask Dance / 20
Take inspiration from different types of sources that affect physicality and interconnection. Compose an étude (movement patterns) sourcing work with the mask.

3. Group Text Rendering / 20
Work with selected fragments of texts studying ways words associate towards gesture and action. Root words in the body to study the interdependence of actions with physicality. Devise an action and a Deed.

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