Saturday, January 21, 2012

occupy anti-acting

There once was an actor who was different from all other actors. Unlike them, there wasn't a consciousness of acting. The character thing-in-itself was as unknowable on stage as it was unknowable in the phenomenal world.
The moment other actors entered the contours of a character it was as though they would test a possession and leave the limits of empirical knowing. Then when they exited they would return to a state of self consciousness as though they were who they lived to occupy.
But this particular actor had no awareness of a playing self-possession, no awareness of a living presence, of exiting and entering and Instead would play each and every moment in a single life occupying stream.
So for a long time when entering the character everything would simply move in a stronger current, and then, in what seemed like the next moment, would return to a slower flow with little idea of what had happened other than this intense sense of dispossession and unknowing because of course there was no way of knowing what was an actor, and who could act, and what was an action, and that this was how the self=thing-in-itself which had come to be what it was: a naturalist assuming the posture of being the spirit and “carrier” of culture who is nothing but “represents” almost everything, playing and “substituting”.
:: Note :: ... just too much fun in making non sense ... as always there is a template ... check out helicopter by Michael Barrish who i am so glad is blogging again ...