Sunday, October 16, 2011


Drama of Associology
a statement

Associology  is not a discipline.  It is the evidence of a drama.
Drama is a relationship.  The relationship is ongoing.  Associology is an act of devotion in the relationship.
I want to believe that in associology the act of drama is its own reward.
I want to believe the drama, when one devotes oneself to it, extends beyond the boundaries of drama.
I want to believe associology values inquiry over conclusion.
To attempt to be conclusive is to attempt to make dramas that are, in effect, statements.
Attempting to make a statement with associology undermines the idea that drama is a relationship.
These words are a statement and they are not associology.

:: Note :: ... statement heavily influenced by Douglas Witmer ... the idea of Associology came from supervalentthought : 
A poetics of associology whose noise world sits me down in disbelief at the rare freedom of other people’s minds. Not because attention gets things right (any more than attachment guarantees love), and not because there’s always in operation productive energy that can never be tamed but because—in these poems, and for me–revolt requires curiosity, a tipping over on a verge.