Saturday, June 25, 2011

ᕦTHA ...

ᕦ ᓳᐓ ᖡ - ᙔᕱᕆᒩ ᗛᔴᗐᖲᔕᗧᗨ ᙂ ᐤ ᕦ

ᕦTHA engages the ancestor, how to talk with her, how to let her speak or give her back speech in an act of counseling. Tell the story to the ancestor in ourselves. For the lives of others to truly matter the force of the ancestor must be encountered in ways that open the past wisdom of experience.

ᕦTHA is, in the words of Walter Benjamin in his essay 'The Storyteller', "less an answer to a question than a proposal concerning the continuation of a story which is just unfolding."

ᕦTHA enlists the ancestor to share identities of remembrance. An attentiveness that lives & moves from breath to breath, mouth to mouth, body to body, word to word & back again in the world which you carry.

... ᕦTHA

ᕦ ᓳᐓ ᖡ - ᙔᕱᕆᒩ ᗛᔴᗐᖲᔕᗧᗨ ᙂ ᐤ ᕦ

:: Note :: ... the above is my concluding statement to this past months wondrous actor's training quietly happening at the Temple ... a practice by a dedicated Kristen Holfeuer ... her search culminated in a sharing evening with a couple of trusting souls ... although many sources seemed to surround the search the spirit of Zygmunt Molik was omnipresent ... i dedicate this time to my mentor ... the markings are Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics which i used to document the body/voice/text "work" ... the question remains: what is this 'something' we share with? ... photo ...