Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Dueck shares her disappointment regarding mediation process
In perhaps her most frank comments to date during this protracted round of negotiations, Dueck implored teachers to remember that this has come to the point where it’s about much more than just the monetary issues. “We want to make sure our actions are not hurtful to teachers and the education system. This is bigger than about your pocket book– what we are also doing is trying to ensure that public education has a strong future, that it’s not destroyed in this province.” Saskatchewan Bulletin Vol 77 Number 10

:: Note :: ... negotiations by teachers with the breakdown of mediation talks seem headed towards ... well based on recent government actions ... not pleasant ... heart-rendering to advocate for education in a culture that revolves around an ill-conceived & short-sighted business agenda, a period of the privatisation of education ... but teaching itself is still fulfilling ...