Friday, December 03, 2010


E.D. Feehan drama teacher Raymon Montalbetti loses it all Wednesday while participating in Movember charity festivitiesv
Photograph by: Greg Pender, The StarPhoenix, The StarPhoenix; with files from Postmedia News

E.D. Feehan High School Grade 11 student Taylor Arcand says she's thankful November is finally over.

Arcand sat near the back of the school's auditorium Tuesday laughing and wincing with the rest of the crowd as 14 mustachioed male students and staff paraded onstage.

"It's really weird. Guys with moustaches and beards are just ewww!" she said.

Fundraisers were held across North America last month, mostly to raise awareness for prostate cancer in a ritual that has become known as Movember. In Saskatoon, events were held at Louis' pub and other locations.

The Feehan event was in this spirit, although staff and students chose to raise funds for their year-long campaign for Pakistan flood victims instead.

Drama teacher Raymon Montalbetti sported a thick, red beard onstage and pledged to have it -- and his mane of curly hair -- shaved off for charity. His wife is studying in France, so he hasn't received any strange reactions from her, he said.

"But my mom gave me that silent, disapproving stare," he said with a laugh.

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::note::... dyed my hair red in memory of younger sister Theresa who passed away at this time of year due to diabetes complications ... the event was a great spirit builder & lots of fun ...