Thursday, December 23, 2010

Enough to say

About the distance
to Paris, Saskatoon, Seoul &
Tokyo, whatever else,
it is enough to say it's far.

And the distance between
my love and me measured by
snowstorms and oil massages,
it is enough to say we're near.

We cannot see beyond
these worlds, pixels,
on flat white screens.
And because of our love
we have no other thought
than to sip this white wine.

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:: note :: ... apologies to Twentieth-century Korean poet Pak Chaesam (1933-1997, also transliterated as Pak Jae-Sam) & poem Enough to Say It's Far ... good to have my love at home ...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

to link or not to link

Social networking is useful, imho, as a way to share links. I use Twitter almost exclusively for sharing. Excellent link-sharing tool.

Blogging is my way to explore writing. Before Twitter & FB I did use a blog for sharing links. Rarely now. Most aren't that interested in other people's experiments. Most of the time i don't anticipate misunderstandings and hardly self-edit. Result are comments in FB that are contentious or I misunderstand. So I question linking blog to FB/Twitter. My blog is primarily a halfalogue.

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:: note :: ... won't link this to social networking ... apologies to dave winer ...

Friday, December 17, 2010

trout mask replica

It is 2010, just after the leak.
Am I here that I am reduced
located inside the backspace &
I need your trout mask. You will find
me south of the snow drift, where
the trees collect hoarfrost especially
at night, where wind and cold rub
the edges. We burn memories to shape
one another; to stay the icefall that
it not shatter toe slope wells. We are
running out of shamanic time, pitch fork
and axe. Rattles stuffed in the willow
bowed roof and whistle lies wet with no
breath. We should be singing to one another,
grease and cedar. We should be fire,
rock and steam. We should be still,
or at least, bearing pain. Be in the
fourth round of thanks. The light
invisible except to the elder. We
will be whited out. Early tailings of
nothing behind the fence. One howls, screams.
No, we must first be fire. Be kindling. Be wood
Be embers.

- See: Writings Poetry

:: note :: ... an evening at Wanuskawin ... ramblings, riff raff ...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

SNTC survival

It was fun eavesdropping on the Temple rehearsals of Luff Actually directed by Curtis Peeteetuce. Simply a wall away I would often catch myself guffawing over the lines. To finally see the wonderful farce in performance was a joy. More joy was watching Lacey Eninew & Aaron Shingoose, actors I had taught as students. Seeing them move on in the theatre world is rewarding. Catch an excerpt on YouTube or read about it in Plenty of laughter and love in 'A Rez Christmas Story' By AndrĂ©a Ledding Sage Writer Saskatoon. ’

Also attended Drew Hayden Taylor's Toronto At Dreamer's Rock
produced by 4E Presentations from Saskatoon at Persephone Theatre's Youth Series with my high school students. Again to see students I previously taught was exciting. Lance LaRoque in particular has been forging a sustainable path in the theatre world. In fact all the artists of both productions where graduates of The Saskatoon Native Theatre Company (SNTC).

The importance of SNTC is indisputable and as a community we must rally to support the survival of this company.

- See: Theatre

:: note :: ... SNTC is looking for a new artistic director ... why I mark these events:
Things that have mattered emotionally, often for the quality of their pattern, their beauty, their emotional shape, things that are not necessarily traumas, lodge in the mind, becoming shadows until you sit at a desk and begin to work out a pattern of words and images and then they become substantial and they block the way of narrative progress until they are allowed onto the page, or they offer the narrative great body and substance until they become the secret subject of the book. - The artist’s reticence ...

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Skit Skit III

Skit Skit III (if you will) at Persephone Theatre's Backstage Stage December 2 - 5 created intense excitement for their March shows (for me at least) ...
"Satire is a sort of glass, wherein beholders do generally discover everybody's face but their own"--Jonathan Swift
... not this company their cup runneth over as they ridicule their own foolishness with a disarming blend of humour, wit, nonsense, criticism, as well as some didactic intentions ... visit Facebook page to view some of the video clips: Mr. Groove, Tanorexia, School of Acting & more ...

... sketch comedy may sometimes be uneven ... not Skit Skit III ... the troupe (Ashton Francis, Tara Schoonbaert, Kristen Holfeuer, Ed Machete Mendez, Ashley Turner, Brent Mhic Pharthalain) tackles material with authority and a confidence that comes from experience and fearlessness ... to take time, endless time crossing the full length of the stage with gums flapping and crutch twitching or the sudden appearance of smashing Hulk (again and again) is a testament to brilliant pacing allowing us to simply enjoy the ride of vice & folly ...

... who needs New York Saturday Night Live ... add a celebrity Host: Henry Woolf and local musical guest: soso/Troy Gronsdahl & we have SasKatoon SKitSKit that easily challenges the rest of the best ...

... don't miss them both epic in scale and yet intimate in feel ...

- See: Review Theatre

:: note :: ... fyi: check the Twitter Hulks ...

Monday, December 06, 2010

Peer Gynt

Alison Croggon in her brilliantly informative blog : theatre notes - independent theatre reviews and commentary writes on Four Larks original adaptation of Ibsen's Peer Gynt ... maybe the strongest aspect of this company's theatre is its design..."

I was reminded of Greystone Theatre's own adaptation in March '10 ... here are Jim Guedo's directors notes ...

This is a contemporary take on the Norwegian classic.

Before writing the prose plays for which he would be universally acclaimed as the father of modern drama, Ibsen wrote one of the last great verse epics of the nineteenth century.

Based in part on Norwegian folk traditions, Peer Gynt is by turns comic, tragic, lyrical and fantastic. The play has been adapted to speak to contemporary audiences by replacing the 'folk tales' underpinnings [which spoke to audiences of his day] with modern pop culture references, which are ingrained in much the same manner in our minds. The original fluctuated between prose and verse; this has been updated to dialogue and song.

Peer Gynt, Ibsen's sprawling epic, ranges wildly across realms rustic, exotic and fantastic. A play about a man whose philosophy is to have no philosophy, Peer Gynt, a country bumpkin embarks on a series of adventures in the mundane and the metaphysical world. Ultimately, he realizes too late that in our world nobody can exist alone.

Though Ibsen himself regarded it as his play least likely to be understood outside of his country, it has become one of his most universal works. It is not an allegory, but a phantasmagoria that speaks on many levels.

As Ibsen himself wrote: "Everything that I have written is most minutely connected with what I have lived through, if not personally experienced; every new work has had for me the object of serving as a process of spiritual liberation and catharsis; for every man shares the responsibility and the guilt of the society to which he belongs. That was why I once inscribed in a copy of one of my books the following dedicatory lines:

To live is to war with trolls in heart and soul. To write is to sit in judgment on oneself."

Ibsen, in a letter to Ludwig Passarge, June 16, 1890

It's impossible for any translation of Peer Gynt to be entirely satisfactory. This one has not attempted rhymed verse, and has refused to be chained to verbal literalness or for' line for line' rendering. An attempt has been made to follow the shape of the original, in unrhymed verse, keeping as closely to the original's literal meaning as is compatible with intelligibility in another century and tongue. So its energy is modern; it's been updated, deconstructed and played with in order to be acted, not read as poetry. Ibsen wanted it fleet of foot, funny and audacious, That's the aim of this adaptation.

- Jim Guedo

... i would call the adaptation a mashup ... the show fuses contemporary pop culture, advertising aesthetic and tongue in cheek humour with epic symbolic imagery ... the language observes and locates the place of ancient religious symbolism and mythology into a world obsessed with capitalism, celebrity and marketing gimmicks ... Guedo created a culturally re-mixed piece incorporating conceptual links, visual and conceptual mixing of religious mythologies with his student's personal experience, pop culture and folklore( Norwegian Death Metal, Gold Top Milk & Buddha) ... and the staging was absolutely breath taking ... applauding his work he replied ... "Oh you liked the Ninjas at work" ... indeed the stage hands (students under the direction of Steven Wade) were invisible and magical ...

... i have always been obsessed with romanticised fables within religious history, exploring the enduring appeal of spirituality within our postmodern and largely secular society ... it was pure delight witnessing Peer Gynt ... so many associations are conjured between cult ritual, pop posing, mythical symbolism and advertising logos ... perhaps the power of the performance lies in the fact that the audience is left unsure whether Guedo is presenting a serious message or jokingly taking us for a ride ... a delightful ride it was ...

... one could quibble with the excessive length but even that was for the benefit of students to allow many of them to explore long monologues or give more breadth to minor roles ...

- See: Theater

:: note :: ... a stunning production ... many observations written by Croggon apply to this production by 3rd. & 4th year drama students ...

Friday, December 03, 2010


E.D. Feehan drama teacher Raymon Montalbetti loses it all Wednesday while participating in Movember charity festivitiesv
Photograph by: Greg Pender, The StarPhoenix, The StarPhoenix; with files from Postmedia News

E.D. Feehan High School Grade 11 student Taylor Arcand says she's thankful November is finally over.

Arcand sat near the back of the school's auditorium Tuesday laughing and wincing with the rest of the crowd as 14 mustachioed male students and staff paraded onstage.

"It's really weird. Guys with moustaches and beards are just ewww!" she said.

Fundraisers were held across North America last month, mostly to raise awareness for prostate cancer in a ritual that has become known as Movember. In Saskatoon, events were held at Louis' pub and other locations.

The Feehan event was in this spirit, although staff and students chose to raise funds for their year-long campaign for Pakistan flood victims instead.

Drama teacher Raymon Montalbetti sported a thick, red beard onstage and pledged to have it -- and his mane of curly hair -- shaved off for charity. His wife is studying in France, so he hasn't received any strange reactions from her, he said.

"But my mom gave me that silent, disapproving stare," he said with a laugh.

Read more: (expected to be linkrot soon)

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::note::... dyed my hair red in memory of younger sister Theresa who passed away at this time of year due to diabetes complications ... the event was a great spirit builder & lots of fun ...