Friday, August 08, 2008


Ain't that the truth

(A clearing on the way to the dump. Two cars lay upturned at either side of the road like wrecked sentinels.)

Lester: What say ...
Cormac: Mornin.
Lester: Mornin you aST?
Cormac: Down yonder the day is cheatin.
Lester: Let me see that there rifle.
Cormac: Hold on. What can I do for ye?
Lester: You ain't got nothin cept the rifle.
Cormac: It's a known fact we's all childs of god.
Lester: Stay away from here.
Cormac: Sure I can't hep ye?
Lester: You're a liar.
Cormac: You ain't never married. It's a grief and a heartache and they ain't no reward in it atall.
You just raise enemies in ye own house to grow up and cuss ye.
Lester: You're crazy and cain't fool me just turn around and get goin.
Cormac: You aIN'T needin' a watch are ye?
Lester: Do you reckon i need a watch. Git.
Cormac: (turning to leave) I jus don't know why people don't want to listen?
(Walks off. Long silence.) Ain't that the truth.

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:: note :: ... nothing like the doom of Cormac McCarthy ... #2 of 365 ... a reading of Child of God not recommended ...