Saturday, November 03, 2007


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:: note :: ... Saskatchewan Native Theater Company's Circle Of Voices program completes its first weeks run of their 2007 piece ... Kihew cuts deep into the political/family/spiritual dimensions of the compensation package offered to those who survived the canadian residential school system ... the youthful energy of the group is harnessed in a wonderfully shaped story rich in irreverent humour, resonant in the range of emotions from anger to forgiveness and a soul abundant with message and hope ... the entire production team works with an exquisite touch serving the story which opens our hearts ... we are invited to listen for the complexity of the world, to deal with hidden pain, find a survival song which will sustain and nurture the way and soar into the future with "indian soul" ... much joy and passion to cory, demitrius, deidre, aaron, jaired and danny as they travel the journey of Kihew ...