Friday, November 02, 2007



Travelling an unknown city the controlled panic in the streets forces me to flee. Get out before further destruction results screams an inner voice. I start out on foot as traffic jams block all highways. It is a steep climb.

A short time later am standing before a high rise building. Looming out of nowhere in a sparsely populated hilly region I recall a friend, recently gone through a messy divorce, gave me this address and I ring for entrance. A reassuring voice calls me up. His beautiful one room kitchen/liviing room, large glass windows looking out over the valley seems empty as he rushes out the door. "Will be back later - make yourself at home."

Moving into the two other rooms they are full of beds and cots with no space to move. I select one and fall exhausted to sleep. In the darkness figures move in and out.
Waking I and go out to the kitchen where my friend is eating. We visit when suddenly people rush out of the other rooms shouting at me.

Something is in my bed. Running to the door I see a small but poisonous snake. It must have somehow hid itself in my clothing. It lay poised.

A small talking mouse ran into the room instructing me to be aware as he would lure the snake into a corner. Sure enough the mouse was trapped and I called out for help and watched helplessly as the mouse was swallowed whole. Grabbing the snake I finally received a knife and deftly slit the throat of the snake releasing the mouse which slides out dead.

Both creatures lie dead at my feet.


- See: Dreams