Thursday, April 19, 2007

Moon Dog

A picture named foto © r.trepanier ca-nada">

A young girl found herself on the moon. The stars above seemed so close that she reached up with her right hand stretching her arm higher and higher till she plucked one from the sky. The star whispered quietly, "If you place me tight to your heart I'll grant you a wish." Trembling she pressed the talking, magical star to her wildly beating heart, thought carefully and hoping beyond hope wished for a dog.

Instantly the most beautiful dalmation she could imagine appeared at her side. Overjoyed and excited she flung the star out into the ocean sky only to see her companion run bounding after it. Just as the star disappeared into the Milky Way the gorgeous black and white spotted dog leapt, caught it and pranced proudly back to the moon.

She laughed pulling the slobber covered star from between powerful though gentle clenched teeth. Suddenly an icy chill crept up her back. Turning she saw behind her a most fearful alien. Panic gripped her. Before she could cry out the dalmation growled and charged at the alien who had no choice but to disappear into the night sky.

The girl boarded a space shuttle and as she headed back to earth thought we might all be safe if we all only had a moon dog like her.

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:: note :: ... this story was imagined by a student during a partner exercise in drama class ... it was retold & moved by its pure simplicity and beauty have freely adapted it here ... apologies to Annie & photo by r.trepanier ...