Saturday, August 13, 2005

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"Sad to say, I suppose it's possible that the sheer penetrating vigour of the work in Within and Beyond the Wall was also a factor in its having been so meticulously ignored by Toronto critics and media while it was available. For this was no ordinary exhibition, even as my observations and personal experience suggest that to be reflectively penetrating in Toronto seems often to be viewed, amid local insecurities, not as a contribution to the textural resilience and sophistication of the polis, but rather as an affront to the perceived need for relentless cheerleading, whether of the urban, corporate or national variety."(Lear's Shadow|Representing Berlin In the Context of Toronto by Douglas Ord )

:: note :: . . . need many more studies of "art work" like this . . . a blend of informed academic, critical with creative, imaginative . . . written as a wonderful personal reflection . . . thanks . . .