Thursday, July 14, 2005

"MY FAVORITE" WILLIAM GIBSON NOVELS ... Well, not that I've gone back and re-read them recently (or, really, ever) but I seem to be fonder of COUNT ZERO, from the first set, and IDORU from the second. COUNT ZERO because the ace cyberspace cowboy turns out to be, initially at least, a completely hapless teenage dork, and IDORU because I love the idea of a little girl from a Seattle suburb getting on the plane to Tokyo, having crazy adventures there, and coming back without anyone even having noticed."(William Gibson Blog )

"My intention is to not leave people who come into this world in the dark. Obviously we can't give voice to everyone, but our culture demands that we speak only of things of obvious importance, or of those who leave the completed work of art. But often - I could say always - whether it's a painter, writer, sculptor or musician, there are others who leave traces within any given work. You bring up Michelangelo; there had to be an apprentice who was moving the cans of paint or producing landscapes off in the atelier. Then the master came in, painted, retouched his assistant's work, and signed his name."(José Saramago by Katherine Vaz)

:: note :: . . . reading these two side by side . . .