Monday, June 27, 2005

"Roy painted a broad pallet of events, such as 9-11, Global free trade, terrorism and brought them into the context of how the racist interment of Canadian born Japanese happened. He drew on similar Canadian issues such as First Nations redress for Residential schools, and the racist Chinese Head Tax, mentioning how 83-year old Gim Wong is riding his motorcycle across Canada to Ottawa as an awareness campaign."(GungHaggisFatChoy |Re: Roy Miki lecture at the Chan Center)

:: note :: . . . ideas on cbc tonight (monday): issuing redress |THE UBC-LAURIER INSTITUTION MULTICULTURALISM LECTURE | 2005 Guest Lecturer: Dr. Roy Miki Redress: A Critical and Personal Perspective . . . don't miss Thursday, June 30 The Ideas of Tariq Ali . . . or listen immediately