Tuesday, June 28, 2005

dearest stefan

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Dearest Stefan

From your powerful entrance into this world and from the first moment you reached out to clutch my finger with a strength and intensity of purpose I knew it was to be my honour to follow your passages.

Remember, at five, on the swing and you wanted to jump off. You pumped till it seemed you would create a full circle and you let go travelling so high that the landing knocked the wind out of you.

I remember.

I remember these past eighteen years & all that you taught me.

Now I invite you to choose.

Choose what you do - all your actions and intentions - with care and from the heart.
For you must love what you do.
When you love each and every moment then do it with passion.
Do it with a lust to live and grow.
Do it with a determination to fall again and again.
Do it with soul and the deep searching thoughtfulness.
Do it with the courage to fly.
Do it with dreams, vision and imagination.
Do it.

What you taught me most of all and what  I most remember are your embraces. That capacity to communicate the essence of your spirit by wrapping your arms around my being. The fervent hugs of joy and the genuine hugs seeking comfort. The sincere hugs of congratulations and the profound hugs of silence. You taught me the power to hug.

Thank you Stefan for all the adventures and I rip open the sky with a desire to watch you soar with love and passion.