Sunday, November 14, 2004

"'A common report from anecdotal writing over many generations of educators is that it is the teacher who usually learns the most during the process of gathering content materials, designing, teaching and evaluating student performance. In this project we address this issue by developing an innovative instructional design in which collaborative groups of students working at distance create, share and assess learning content (in the form of learning objects) with their peers through online learning portals( | WHY DO TEACHERS GET TO LEARN THE MOST? A CASE STUDY OF A COURSE BASED ON STUDENT CREATION OF LEARNING OBJECTS resgistration required)

"One of the speakers at the Free Culture Fest, Wayne State University law professor Jessica Litman, said the Free Culture movement is a terrific idea. Historically, copyright law has been crafted by lobbyists for powerful copyright owners who represent the software, music and movie industries, she said."(Wired News|Students Fight Copyright Hoarders)

:: note :: . . . deep connection between these two ideas . . . actually don't know much about the the case study part but certainly can verify why teachers learn the most . . .