Friday, October 29, 2004

""The basic findings are exciting enough, but you can't help but speculate on what they might mean in a deeper context," says Weliky. "It's one thing to say a ferret's understanding of reality is being reproduced inside his brain, but there's nothing to say that our understanding of the world is accurate. In a way, our neural structure imposes a certain structure on the outside world, and all we know is that at least one other mammalian brain seems to impose the same structure.""(context weblog | real-world processing)

""A lot of people have been interested in what changes in the brains of animals and people when they are learning things," Potter said. "We're interested in getting down into the network and cellular mechanisms, which is hard to do in living animals. And the engineering goal would be to get ideas from this system about how brains compute and process information.""(context weblog | living neural networks: how the neurons compute)

:: note :: . . . the context weblog has always been an incredible source of wonder . . . during my regular surfing never find any other site pointing towards these stories . . . makes me question whether this site can be real or just living in my neural network . . .