Tuesday, May 04, 2004

"Rail: In a way this work marks a return for this space to theory Richard Schechner put in practice some thirty-five years ago with the Performance Group. Grotowski was a major influence on Dionysus in 69, the piece that brought widespread attention to what was happening here at the Performing Garage. But the Wooster Group emerged out of the Performance Group in part as a rejection of that ritual orientation. Was any of this history discussed?"

"Fliakos: There's not a lot of talk, really. We watch a lot of TV. So we watched Dionysus in 69, a videotape of that. We watch a lot of material before we get going, and then once we start generating material we continually revisit the videos and pictures. We watched Dionysus in 69, and we watched Jim Carrey, Buster Keaton and Acropolis. It's just accumulating information. There's not a lot of analysis."(The Brooklyn Rail | in conversation: Poor Theater in SoHo? The Wooster Group’s Ari Fliakos with David Kilpatrick)

:: note :: . . . last summer a friend met the wooster group in poland at a workshop . . . they couldn't finish the workshop for, as they said, it went against their work . . .