Wednesday, May 12, 2004

"The quantity of the knowledge increases with geometric progression and the corresponding body of records grows even faster. Transferring knowledge and pertinent information has become a vigorous activity. An increasing need for de-specializing the knowledge, due to an increase in inter-disciplinary communication, calls for more friendly i.e. more detailed, hence even more voluminous, communication. Definitions are fundamental bricks of knowledge: however it appear that the notion of definition itself is not sufficiently explained."(A contribution to Defining the Term 'Definition' | Sead Spuzic and Fons Nouwens Central queensland University, Rockhampton, Australia | pdf file)

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:: note :: . . . firstly if you don't please subscribe to Edu_Rss . . . really a must read for any educator/learner . . . definitons have been the bane of so many misunderstandings . . . find soft definitions more valuable in general communication than as specifics are demanded the definitions become harder . . .