Saturday, May 01, 2004

"having said: "

"'Go in this direction. To the south you will strike the river called the Irtysh. Go down the Irtysh. On its upper bank there are black trees, on its lower bank there are yellow reeds. Between these two is the ford called Mani. Ford the river there, and search up and down stream on that side. Should nothing be found there, go directly upstream. On the evening of the next day drink water and rest. There is a black mountain there with a marshy spring called Saddle's End Yellow Reeds. Search around there, and should nothing be found there. You will come to the sources of the two rivers Baji and Ginjili, which come close to that mountain and then diverge. Search around there, and if nothing is to be found in these three places, then come back. If you can, bring back a prisoner for questioning, but if you cannot, then look yourselves and come back. Whether you find them or not, go diligently for eight days, and then return and bring news. Well, my friend, do your work well and come back safely.' "

:: note :: . . . days of isolation over . . . 5 day workshop concludes . . . lots of movement . . .