Saturday, May 15, 2004

"Edwin Rosskam, a close friend of Ben Shahn's who was instrumental in constructing exhibits and maintaining the file at the FSA, confessed in his final book Roosevelt New Jersey:

     "That's why I'm no scholar, probably, because I believe in the feel of things and in the stories that people have to tell rather than the facts that are only bones. As Ben Shahn used to say: "Most facts are lies; all stories are true."(1972, p. 4)

The aim of documentary work in the 1930s was often specifically targeted at telling stories. I must confess my sympathy to listening to those stories as they were intended, even while picking at their flesh to find the bones underneath."(Moving Ahead |Towards a Rhetoric of Word and Image | Jeff Ward |pdf)

:: note :: . . . wonderful concluding words . . . thanks for uploading the thesis, congratulations & will spend more time on the words . . .