Saturday, April 17, 2004

: (by Peter Handke)

Refuse to make any statements.

Don't let the truth slip out.

Lie through your teeth.

Turn things upside-down.

Don't let reality become language, let language become reality.

Don't talk about language.

Get tied up in contradictions.

Don't write for today.

Don't write for eternity.

Keep everything in the balance.

Don't face the facts.

Don't keep both feet on the ground.

Don't set up rules for other people.

Stress the importance of conversation as first and last aid.

Learn how to die from wildwest films.

Recognise in even the smallest gut-spilled frog the absence of God.

Overshoot the mark in youthful exuberance.

Put your self first.

Don't try to put yourself in anyone else's position.

Write only about yourself.

Always act premeditatedly.

Don't exchange thoughts with anyone.

Seek to talk your way out by writing.

Distance yourself from all things human.

Go to the movies.

Lie in the grass.

Don't compose manifestos.

Buy black shoe-polish.

Get to be world famous.