Wednesday, April 07, 2004

"In his recent essay Should Only Native Actors Have the Right to play Native Roles?, Highway desperately voices out against hatred (158) and calls for freedom (160). Hatred may be the greatest obstacle for Native people on their healing journey. Hurtful colonial experiences leave a scar on a peoples soul and result in a chain of distrust, blame and revenge. This is a universal, historical experience whether it be the Japanese occupation of Korea or the colonization of North America. Hatred closes the heart tight and even generates a self-destructive energy and a self-hatred which destroys the family, the community and eventually a nation. Highway succinctly writes, " . . . hatred, as who doesn't know, kills and kills completely"(158)."(Ae Ran Jeong | A Ceremonial Healing Theater

:: note :: . . . decided to post this essay after being linked to "colonization is by definition a closing, and decolonization is about opening." Chris Corrigan | Parking Lot via wood s lot . . .