Friday, April 16, 2004

The Anglais They Say

            in the voice of Louis Riel

The anglais they say

I am crazy

the francophone       and the Metis.

But you old man

Why       do you smile?

Because you are gifted, Louis.

with second sight       like me.

But you       are not a man.

They       do not perceive

you       as such.

You       are a savage

who drifts

      over crosses

and churches

      and votive candles.

Louis learn to use this gift.

Smoke your pipe and wear your sash.

If I am gifted

      as you say


      do you       allow me

      to suffer?


      do you turn       into silent


      that disappear

      in the night?

Seven Songs for Uncle Louis : Louis Told Me in the voice of Evelina, Louis' betrothed

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