Wednesday, December 10, 2003

"When we began our textwork, things began to change. There was a lot of sorrow in peoples stories, including my own. When Raymon began to have us do our sourcework and textwork alone, there were a lot of tears, and a lot of confused faces. We didn't know what to think. We didn't even really know what we were doing. But we did it. At the time, it seemed like we were doing the impossible. I didn't know my voice could get so loud. I didn't know anyone could do what they did. But I suppose none of us ever really thought of trying it either. The last two classes, we performed out our class "dream" It was amazing. I watched my classmates, my friends, do what I never thought we could do. Eveybody was somebody else. We had developed out characters, without even knowing it. Characters so strong that we could hardly remember what we did by the end of it. It was beautiful."(student reflection)