Thursday, December 11, 2003

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"My approach to making ceramic art has been profoundly shaped by over fifteen years of experience living and traveling throughout the polar regions - "(Kent Swanson: Works inspired by polar terrains)

"There is a greater understanding of the Korean aesthetic. The beauty of 'naturalness', those characteristics unique to clay as a material and the clays essence as part of nature; and the beauty of aliveliness' that passes from the potters to the viewer. Using these qualities of clay without exaggeration or over-extension. The Korean's people understanding of their own art is emotional. The Western approach to the world is logical, bringing about a trend in ceramics aimed at perfection of structure, meticulous decorativeness and a high concern for function. This is seen as incomplete as an artistic goal and with the preservation of Korea's own sense of beauty, the Korean artist gains an aesthetic advantage of freshness over rigid impersonality raised by modern rationalism."(The development of ceramic art in the Republic of Korea: A journey)