Wednesday, December 03, 2003

"Few people can formulate original points of view, but those who do are definitely worth listening to, says Stephen Bayley, with feeling"(Telegraph | Arts | Opinionated - and proud to admit it)

"What Gadamer is after is some kind of permanence within change; he has seen the temporality of human works, their immersion in time and, seeing it as their essence, he sees developing out of history a culture, a language, some sort of commonality which somehow subsists and assures continuity without repetition, a permanence amidst change, a being within becoming. Gadamer calls it tradition; it both certifies and is certified by great works without being narrowly legislative of them. He says of the writer that he never "freely invents his plot, however he imagines that he does." Thus there remains some truth in the old mimesis theory since the "free invention of the writer is the presentation of a common truth that is binding on the writer also." Is this deterministic?"(G.T. Karnezis | Gadamer, Art, and Play)

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