Sunday, October 12, 2003

A picture named Sidha Karya
"Wearing the sacred mask of Sidha Karya, a mythological Balinese figure representing death and renewal, Nyoman Catra, the performer, surveyed the scarred skyline of Manhattan and said, "People are trying to destroy our world, our country, our village." In keeping with Balinese tradition, he was playing a character in a 15th-century story, but he was also speaking of contemporary events as he connected the terror victims of the two islands - Bali and Manhattan - by turning them into inhabitants of one town."( > Arts > Theater: In Bali, All the Post-9/11 World's a Stage)

:: note :: . . . art as purification ceremony . . . a type of community based theater with efforts to involve, mobilize and politicize . . . in the process expand the boundries of what is called "art" . . .