Friday, October 24, 2003

A picture named gathering.jpgStalking the Wild: a metaphor of struggle

Artist Iryn - Working Description

"Wild Onion Stalk, thread / knots

Materials from nature have their own distinctive integrity. Their own strength and weakness. I needed to accept the organic character. I fought the material wishing it to fit my imagination. However the material never loses. I compromised continually.

The action of tying.
Difficult to untie.
After the tying the individual character loses its uniqueness.
Yet . . . Binding and bonding the thread & stalks creates strength.
We people tie things together every day.

A picture named tying.jpg

I gathered them pulling the stalks from the ground and snapping off the roots. Broke them.
Then spent days making them stand again.
A huge frustration. What am I doing in the name of art.
The sculpture ridiculed me.
Just leave them alone they stood by themselves. By the river the stalks were beautiful - are beautiful."