Monday, July 14, 2003

Travelling Questions&Answers in Wilds/WaterWays
Day 5: Juan de Fuca Straight
Fire Bathes Furiously Red in Golden Waves

Flee down, run down, secret down
with heel heavy haste
through deep forest brocade
into the open ocean
carying and calling fire and light.

The sun raises steam
anticipating a wild entry.
Light curls at the edge of the waves,
foetus listening to the dawn and the deep
and the distant whale song of a mothers womb.

Fire faces Ocean

Mediate the directions,
stretch full the circle,
signal the infinte waves.
The beacon revolves
in sunless noon day and black night.
A still point on an endless wave beaten coast.

Fire meets Ocean.

Dip to bring red brown sea weed into the air.
This healing colour casts a ceremonial bronze invitation.
Wave catcher rolls low, rolls with, rolls to peeks of passion.
Stance must be altered.
be strong
supported and free.
harpoon like
spearing golden waves
clutching emptiness.
wash, wash, wash
take leave.
The sun questions
“Did you enter the ocean brown to be healed?”
It is a time of healing.

Fire enters Ocean.

The return of the Snake.
Three slither for cover
startled from sunning.
On snake point
the living shed skin
and turn to rich blue.