Friday, June 06, 2003

"Several field trips to Africa and Afghanistan during his course of study launched his idea to write an all-encompassing, scientific theory of nomadology. With this extensive project he intended to prove that the human race, in the process of becoming human, had acquired a strong migratory drive or instinct to walk long distances through the seasons. This instinctive wanderlust had been repressed into the unconscious as humans had become increasingly sedentary, but it continued to well up under the warped conditions of settlement and found its outlets in violence, greed, territoriality, status-seeking, or a mania of the new."( Richard Utz)

. . . reflecting on connections between Bruce Chatwin and the SongLines with the nomadic virtual walkabouts I so love listening simultaneously to the radio & visiting web sites . . . continuing the shaping of memory . . . living with history deliberately forgetting . . . making myth . . .

"The Songlines demands as an ideal reader one who would not easily accept any one, exclusive interpretation of the world and its objects but who would enter into a creative and joyfully nomadic relationship with the text[base ']s own bricolage, travelling across its surfaces in a way not dissimilar from the one used by the Australian aborigines on their intersecting walkabouts."( Richard Utz)