Sunday, June 01, 2003

"Maxwell's and ERS's pieces are very contemporary takes on what Grotowski, Brook, and Barba were investigating 30 years ago. However, being modern media kids, they approach theatrical moments with an off-the-cuff informality that's very different from the formal reverence many of the '60 experiments held dear. Actually, Grotowski's work always had a biting edge of Eastern European sarcasm that never came across in the writings about the work, that could only be experienced. This ironic edge gave the work a great complexity and depth - a trickster theater that implicated the audience."

(The Village Voice: Theater: Obies: The Happy Awkward Moment by Mark Russell)

:: comment :: . . . another comment not frozen in space or time . . . must devote thoughts to recollections of Apocalysis cum Figuris by the Polish Theater Lab . . . a marker . . . an event which shaped the way of seeing . . .