Tuesday, June 24, 2003

"'I felt a terrific longing for a kind of ensemble,' Mr. Chaikin told author William Goldman, for the book, "The Season." "I wanted to play with actors, actors who felt a sensitivity for one another... In order to come to a vocabulary, we had to teach each other: we had no ambitions other than to meet and play around..."(Playbill : Joseph Chaikin, Director and Actor Who Founded Avant Garde Open Theatre, Dead at 67 By Kenneth Jones)

:: comment :: . . . met Chaikin ever so briefly in a workshop . . . a time of crossroads . . . he had just disbanded the Open Theater and looked remarkably vulnerable . . . in fact in my mind he always looks vulnerable . . . read his writings and honoured his work . . . have followed his ideas&directions for decades . . . will continue to challenge his immense vocabulary . . . thank you Joseph for your "terrific longings" . . . the sensitivity with which you touched so many will be felt in the tomorrow of playing around . . .



the eyes, the eyes

the sunken space of vision territory

a place to play in the zone of imagination

the tongue resting in the cave of the mouth

the heart held in the sphere of the rib cage

abandonment, exile, occupation, and habitation

the living quest(going home)ion

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