Tuesday, June 03, 2003

However, I ask this of them:

when my sons grow up punish them, men,

by bothering them on these things as I bothered you,

if it seems to you they care about money or anything else

more than about virtue,

or if they seem to be something they are not,

reproach them as I have you,

because they do not care about what they should,

and think they are something when they are worth nothing.

And if you do these things,

I will have experienced justice from you,

both myself and my sons.

But now it is already time to go away,

I to die, and you to live;

but which of us goes to a better situation,

is unclear to all except to God.

(Apologia Sokratous Defense Of Socrates by Plato Translated by Sanderson Beck: Final Admonitions)
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At once rational and passionate, Socrates' final speech to the Senate before he was sentenced to death is a moving defence of his right to free speech. Adapted and performed by Nick Mancuso.
(radio one:cbc:ideas:june 3)

:: comment :: . . . listened to the final words with astonishment and awe . . .